Below is the entry and reserves list for Jyske Bank PGA Championship played at Silkeborg Ry Golfklub 31 May – 2 June 2017

Field information

  • Field Size: 156 Players
  • Players are picked according to NGL ranking system

Course information

  • Round 1 played on the Silkeborg Course
  • Round 2 and 3 on the Ry Course

Please remember to register on time – the registration deadline is Sunday May 28th at 18:00 (CET)


  • All competitors are required to register no later than 18:00 (CET) three (3) days prior to the first day of competition.
  • Registration is done online by paying the full entry fee.
  • A player who fails to register on time will lose his place in the tournament and will be obligated to pay the full entry fee.


  • Withdrawal is done online no later than the entry deadline.
  • Withdrawal after the entry deadline is called cancellation.
  • If a player withdraws from an ongoing tournament without a valid reason he will be fined € 150.


  • A player who cancels his entry after the entry deadline must do so by contacting the tournament office for that specific tournament.
  • A player who cancels his entry more than 7 days prior to the start of the tournament will have to pay a fee of €100.
  • A player who cancels his entry less than 7 days prior to the start of the tournament will have to pay the full entry fee.
  • The fees above apply in all cases unless the player has acceptable reasons, i.e. playing a tournament on a higher ranked tour, injury evidenced by a medical certificate etc.

Last updated 17 May

Fornavn Efternavn Nationalitet Category
Christian Aronsen Norge 001A-007
Mikael Lindberg Sverige 001A-009
Mathias Gladbjerg Danmark 001A-015
Daniel Løkke Danmark 001A-016
Benjamin Henry Poke Danmark 001A-017
Nicolai Tinning Danmark 001A-018
Jarand Ekeland Arnøy Norge 001A-020
Victor Theandersson Sverige 001A-025
Aksel Kristoffer Olsen Norge 001A-026
Oliver Suhr Danmark 001A-029
Åke Nilsson Sverige 001A-031
Elias Valås Falkenér Bertheussen Norge 001A-032
David Palm Sverige 001A-033
Sebastian Hansson Sverige 001A-034
Jacob Glennemo Sverige 001B-005
Eric Blom Sverige 001B-018
Richard Pettersson Sverige 001M-002
Oscar Bergman Sverige 002A-1618
Antti-Juhani Ahokas Finland 003B-CT16
Christopher Feldborg Nielsen Sverige 003B-CT16
Christian Gløët Danmark 003B-CT16
Oskar Henningsson Sverige 003B-CT16
Niklas Lemke Sverige 003B-CT16
Joel Sjöholm Sverige 003B-CT16
Mads Søgaard Danmark 003B-CT16
Morten Ørum Madsen Danmark 003B-CT17
Mads Vibe-Hastrup Danmark 003B-CT17
Robin Petersson Sverige 004-SE-001
Andreas Andersson Sverige 005A-001
Ludwig Nordeklint Sverige 005A-004
Torbjørn Johansen Norge 005A-007
Philip Ulveman Juel-Berg Danmark 005A-008
Martin Amtkjær Danmark 005A-009
Nicolai Kristensen Danmark 005A-010
Martin Leth Simonsen Danmark 005A-011
Fredric Sundberg Sverige 005A-014
Christian Bæch Christensen Danmark 005A-015
Alexander Jacobsson Sverige 005M-001
Knud Storgaard Jensen Danmark 006-001
Frederik Andersen Danmark 006-002
Hampus Bergman Sverige 006-004
Keen Bernberg Danmark 006-005
Andri Bjornsson Island 006-006
Marcus Helligkilde Danmark 006-007
Martin Granstad Sverige 006-008
Axel Boasson Island 006-011
Simon Willer Danmark 006-012
Jacob Pingel Lauridsen Danmark 006-013
Jeppe Kristian Andersen Danmark 006-015
Lukas Crisp Sverige 006-019
Anders Strand Ellingsberg Norge 006-020
Andreas Søndergaard Danmark 006-022
Oliver Snedker Jespersen Danmark 006-023
Sander Stavnar Norge 006-025
Rasmus Bofill Danmark 007-ET-Invite-001
Jakob Clement Holst Danmark 007-ET-Invite-002
Ediz Kemaloglu Tyrkiet 007-ET-Invite-003
Morten Storgaard Mortensen Danmark 007-ET-Invite-004
Andreas Nielsen Danmark 007-ET-Invite-005
Mathias Lynne Schjølberg Norge 007-ET-Invite-006
Victor Flatau Sverige 007-ET-Invite-007
Oskar Ambrosius Danmark 007-ET-Invite-008
Victor Bjørløw Danmark 007-ET-Invite-009
Nicolai Røgen Jensen Danmark 007-ET-Invite-010
Frederik Severin Tøttenborg Danmark 007-ET-Invite-011
Joachim Szöts Danmark 007-ET-Invite-012
Morten Toft Hansen Danmark 007-ET-Invite-013
Petter S. Møller Norge 007-ET-Invite-014
Filip Brattse Sverige 007-ET-Invite-015
Adam Eineving Sverige 007-ET-Invite-016
Jacob Selander Sverige 007-ET-Invite-017
Lasse Sonne Nielsen Danmark 007-ET-Invite-018
Oskar Franck Sverige 007-ET-Invite-019
Axel Arinbjarnarson Sverige 007-ET-Invite-020
Daniel Øverås Norge 007-ET-Invite-021
Lasse Gerhardsen Norge 007-ET-Invite-022
Anton Guedra Sverige 007-ET-Invite-023
Einar Westreng Pettersen Norge 007-ET-Invite-024
Magnus Bruhn Sverige 007-ET-Invite-025
Oscar Hallberg Sverige 007-ET-Invite-026
Carl Didrik M. Fosaas Norge 007-ET-Invite-027
Raj Mehra Indien 007-ET-Invite-028
Emil Guldbrandt Pedersen Danmark 007-ET-Invite-029
Jesper Gunder Larsen Danmark 008A-001
Nicolaj Norman Hansen Danmark 008A-002
Patrick Rasmussen Danmark 008A-003
Christopher Sahlström Sverige 008A-004
Pontus Ellerström Sverige 008A-008
Nikolai Høgh Danmark 008A-012
Jesper Olsson Sverige 008A-014
Jonas Haglund Finland 008A-015
Patrick O’neill Danmark 008A-017
Miro Veijalainen Finland 008A-019
Christian Larsson Sverige 008A-020
Marcus Lindström Sverige 009-001
Anton Wilbertsson Sverige 009-003
Oscar Karlsson Sverige 009-005
Peter Launer Bæk Danmark 009-006
Jonas Carlson Sverige 009-006
Kevin Andre Wright Norge 009-007
Simo Haavisto Finland 009-008
Hampus Larsson Sverige 009-009
Oliver Jacobsson Sverige 009-011
Mikko Lehtovuori Finland 009-015
Mikkel Hjorth Danmark 009-017
Philip Mattsson Sverige 009-021
Victor H. Sidal Svendsen Danmark 009-024
Haraldur Magnus Island 009-026
Kasper Sørensen Danmark 009-027
Andreas Johansson Sverige 009-028
Martin Ulseth Norge 009-030
Charlie Lindh Sverige 009-032
Fabian Henriksson Sverige 009-034
Mike Solgaard Danmark 009-036
Axel Westin Sverige 009-038
Simon Gundorph Danmark 009-039
Rasmus Holmberg Sverige 009-041
Ville Nykänen Finland 009-043
Martin Berggren Sverige 009-044
Kim Koivu Finland 011-098
Emil Liljeroth Sverige 012A-002
Jakob Kollerup Danmark 012A-004
Lauri Ruuska Finland 012A-005
Tobias Larsen Danmark 012A-007
Fredrik Duarte Sverige 012A-011
Christoffer Skårbring Sverige 012A-012
Jesper Jurell Sverige 012A-013
Sebastian Petersen Sverige 012A-017
Gudmundur Kristjansson Island 013-061
Vetle Marøy Norge 013-066
Anton Moström Sverige 013-103
Max Helgesson Sverige 013-107
Jason Kelly Norge 013-112
Mathias Ballard Danmark 014ET-015
Frederik Hedmark Danmark 014ET-023
Oliver Percy-Smith Danmark 014ET-025
Mathias Lorentzen Danmark 014ET-033
Nicolai Emil Oxenbøll Danmark 014ET-034
Thomas Løkke Danmark 014ET-035
Marco Solgaard Danmark 014ET-037
Søren Broholt Lind Danmark 014ET-039
Patrick Dam Schou Danmark 014ET-040
Simon Malmberg Sverige 014ET-044
Ilya Yakimov Danmark 014ET-047
Jesper Andersson Sverige 014ET-049
Rasmus Fredensborg Danmark 014ET-050
Adrian Verroca Sverige 014ET-052
Lasse Strunge Larsen Danmark 014ET-053
Klaus Bilde Danmark 014ET-056
Daniel Hollen Nielsen Danmark 014ET-059
Søren Schulze Pettersson Danmark 014ET-061
Allan Werner Danmark 014ET-063
Anders Hornshøj Danmark 014ET-066
Mads Andersen Danmark 014ET-067
Cut off point
Wiktor Friberg Sverige 14UR-HCP-018
Victor Bengtsson Sverige 14UR-HCP-019
Nicklas Rasmussen Danmark 14UR-HCP-020
Max Wennerlund Sverige 14UR-HCP-021
Michael Fossto Sverige 14UR-HCP-022
Dennis Bæk Jensen Danmark 14UR-HCP-023
Jonatan Rosén Sverige 14UR-HCP-024
Filip Trägårdh Sverige 14UR-HCP-025
Robin Andersson Sverige 14UR-HCP-026

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