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Below you will find the entry list for ECCO Tour & Nordic Golf League Winter Series 2014 at La Manga Golf Resort from March 18th-28th. Last updated 10-03-2014 at 15:26:16


  • Registration deadline is February 20th 2014
    • The payment needs to be on ECCO Tours bank account no later than February 20th 2014
    • If the payment is NOT on our account by February 20th, we hold the right to refuse the player his spot in the field.
    • Bank information can be found here
    • VAT applies for Danish players
  • All players that have paid a minimum of 225 € are above the red cut-off point
    • Status Confirmed = Spot secured
    • Status Reserved = Spot reserved
      • Confirm your spot by paying the rest of the entry fee via bank transfer to secure your spot
  • Players signed up without having paid anything are below the red cut-off point
    • Confirm your spot by paying the full entry fee via bank transfer

For questions please contact ECCO Tour Entries at

No. First name Last Name Country Status
1 Andreas Andersson SE CONFIRMED
2 Axel Arinbjarnarson SE CONFIRMED
3 Christofer Blomstrand SE CONFIRMED
4 Christian Bæch Christensen DK CONFIRMED
5 Pontus Ellerström SE CONFIRMED
7 Fredrik Gustavsson SE CONFIRMED
8 Robert Jonasson SE CONFIRMED
9 Jacob Glennemo SE CONFIRMED
10 Christian Larsson SE CONFIRMED
11 Martin B. Ovesen DK CONFIRMED
12 Oscar Zetterwall DK CONFIRMED
13 Peter Vejgaard DK CONFIRMED
14 Daniel Jennevret SE CONFIRMED
15 William Adolfson SE CONFIRMED
16 Benny Ahlenbäck SE CONFIRMED
17 Martin Amtkjær DK CONFIRMED
18 Robin Askstrand SE CONFIRMED
19 Gabriel Axell SE CONFIRMED
20 Jesper Billing SE CONFIRMED
22 Petter Bocian SE CONFIRMED
23 Otto Bonning SE CONFIRMED
24 André Bossert CH CONFIRMED
25 Kevin Bozzi IT CONFIRMED
26 Daniel Bredberg SE CONFIRMED
27 Luca D’andreamatteo IT CONFIRMED
28 Jesper Egegaard DK CONFIRMED
29 Krister Eriksson SE CONFIRMED
30 Philip Eriksson SE CONFIRMED
31 Kasper K. Estrup DK CONFIRMED
32 Christopher Feldborg-Nielsen SE CONFIRMED
33 Victor Flatau SE CONFIRMED
34 Simon Forsström SE CONFIRMED
35 Ole Fremstad NO CONFIRMED
36 Gonzalo Gancedo ES CONFIRMED
37 Viktor Kratz SE CONFIRMED
38 Christian Gløët DK CONFIRMED
39 Marcus Gran SE CONFIRMED
40 Kristian Grud DK CONFIRMED
41 Simon Gundorph DK CONFIRMED
42 Anders Schmidt Hansen DK CONFIRMED
43 Stian K Wiik Hansen NO CONFIRMED
44 Sebastian (Saltsjöbaden) Hansson SE CONFIRMED
45 Sebastian (Skaftö) Hansson SE CONFIRMED
46 Niclas Hellberg FI CONFIRMED
47 Björn Hellgren SE CONFIRMED
48 Mark Flindt Haastrup DK CONFIRMED
49 Kevin Dyckmann SE CONFIRMED
50 Steven Jeppesen SE CONFIRMED
51 Andreas Johansson SE CONFIRMED
52 Mathias Johansson SE CONFIRMED
53 Niclas Johansson SE CONFIRMED
54 Robin Jonsson SE CONFIRMED
55 Henrik Karvinen FI CONFIRMED
56 André Kasprzak DK CONFIRMED
57 Gustaf Kocken SE CONFIRMED
58 Mads Kristensen DK CONFIRMED
59 Jacob Pingel Lauridsen DK CONFIRMED
60 Kristoffer Karlsson SE CONFIRMED
61 Simon Malmberg SE CONFIRMED
62 Max Munther SE CONFIRMED
63 Rasmus Hjelm Nielsen DK CONFIRMED
64 Sander Nielsen DK CONFIRMED
65 Anton Kiddy Nilsson SE CONFIRMED
66 Nikolaj Nissen DK CONFIRMED
67 Nicolaj Norman Hansen DK CONFIRMED
68 Oliver Hauen-Limkilde Nyholm DK CONFIRMED
69 Patrick O’neill DK CONFIRMED
70 Emil Othberg SE CONFIRMED
71 Marcus Palm SE CONFIRMED
72 Valerio Pelliccia IT CONFIRMED
73 Björn Pettersson SE CONFIRMED
74 David Palm SE CONFIRMED
75 Benjamin Henry Poke DK CONFIRMED
76 Federico Ranelletti IT CONFIRMED
77 Joost Steenkamer NL CONFIRMED
78 Sondre Erevik Ronold NO CONFIRMED
79 Tobias Rosendahl SE CONFIRMED
80 Mikael Salminen FI CONFIRMED
81 Tuomas Salminen FI CONFIRMED
82 Henrik Sand NO CONFIRMED
83 Henri Satama FI CONFIRMED
84 Oliver Suhr DK CONFIRMED
85 Fredric Sundberg SE CONFIRMED
86 Mark Suursalu EE CONFIRMED
87 Alexander Søbstad NO CONFIRMED
88 Jesper Thuen DK CONFIRMED
89 Miro Veijalainen FI CONFIRMED
90 Johan Wahlqvist SE CONFIRMED
91 Mathias Weiderman SE CONFIRMED
92 Anton Wejshag SE CONFIRMED
93 Allan Werner DK CONFIRMED
94 Kim Wilhelmsen DK CONFIRMED
95 Victor Østerby DK CONFIRMED
96 Jeppe Huldahl DK CONFIRMED
97 Gustav Åkesson SE CONFIRMED
98 Jonas Haglund SE CONFIRMED
99 Felix Fihn SE CONFIRMED
100 Stanislas Heck FR CONFIRMED
101 Riku Mattila FI CONFIRMED
102 Jesper Lerchedahl DK CONFIRMED
103 Lasse Jensen DK CONFIRMED
104 Mike Kelly IR CONFIRMED
105 Magnus Eilertsen GB CONFIRMED
106 Petur Petursson IS CONFIRMED
107 Lasse Sonne Nielsen DK CONFIRMED
108 Nicolai Ladefoged DK CONFIRMED
109 Christopher Lang SE CONFIRMED
110 Richard Pettersson SE CONFIRMED
111 George Woolgar GB CONFIRMED
112 Wallace Booth GB CONFIRMED
113 Niklas Dahlgren FI CONFIRMED
114 Lars Johansen DK CONFIRMED
115 Christoffer Lange DK CONFIRMED
116 Fredrik Duarte SE CONFIRMED
117 Jacob Christiansen DK CONFIRMED
118 Mattia Miloro IT CONFIRMED
119 Mattias Bohlin SE CONFIRMED
120 Manuel Quirós ES CONFIRMED
121 Kalle Samooja FI CONFIRMED
122 Nunzio Daniele Lombardi IT CONFIRMED
123 Åke Nilsson SE CONFIRMED
124 Carlo Guaraldi IT CONFIRMED
125 Daniel Løkke DK CONFIRMED
126 Peter Erofejeff FI CONFIRMED
127 Daniel Silva FI CONFIRMED

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