Updated: 22-07-2013- 14:22:13

Players must confirm their entry no later than July 22nd at 18:00 (local time).
Online payment or e-mailing entries at mb@golfpromote.dk

Standard Nordic Golf League Rules and Regulations apply.

For questions pls. contact:

ECCO Tour Entries: Marianne Bryld Olsen +45 4085 4300 mb@golfpromote.dk
Finnish Golf Union: Juha Juvonen +358 40 5615863 juha.juvonen@golf.fi

Spot Name Last name Category  Confirmed
1 Jeff Winther 1A-008 Confirmed
2 Niklas Bruzelius 1A-011  Confirmed
3 Marcus Larsson 1A-012  Confirmed
4 Jesper Billing 1A-013  Confirmed
5 Tobias Rosendahl 1A-013  Confirmed
6 Alexander Björk 1A-016  Confirmed
7 Christian Aronsen 1A-018 Confirmed 
8 Benny Ahlenbäck 1A-020  Confirmed
9 Jesper Kennegård 1B-001  Confirmed
10 Joakim Rask 1B-002  Confirmed
11 Niclas Johansson 1B-004  Confirmed
12 Alexander Jacobsson 1B-005  Confirmed
13 Anton Wejshag 1B-008  Confirmed
14 Patrik Sjöland 1B-013  Confirmed
15 Victor Almström 1B-017  Confirmed
16 Peter Kaensche 2A-010  Confirmed
17 Kenneth Svanum 2A-015  Confirmed
18 Jonathan Åhgren 2A-018  Confirmed
19 Tony Edlund 2A-025  Confirmed
20 Richard Pettersson 2A-22 Confirmed 
21 Wilhelm Schauman 3A-001  Confirmed
22 Marcus Palm 3A-003  Confirmed
23 Rasmus Hjelm Nielsen 3A-004  Confirmed
24 Steven Jeppesen 3B-004  Confirmed
25 Mattias Eliasson 3B-008  Confirmed
26 Antti-Juhani Ahokas 3C-020  Confirmed
27 Johan Wahlqvist 3C-030  Confirmed
28 Anders Schmidt Hansen 3C-032  Confirmed
29 Andreas Johansson 3C-035  Confirmed
30 Jesper Lerchedahl 3C-037  Confirmed
31 Daniel Løkke 4-001  Confirmed
32 Jacob Pingel Lauridsen 4-002  Confirmed
33 Daniel Slott Mogensen 4-003  Confirmed
34 Oliver Suhr 4-005  Conifirmed
35 Victor Østerby 4-007  Confirmed
36 Dennis Den Roover 4-008  Confirmed
37 Kasper K. Estrup Wildcard ECCO Tour 1  Confirmed
38 Christian Gløët Wildcard ECCO Tour 2  Confirmed
39 Kim Wilhelmsen Wildcard ECCO Tour 3  Confirmed
40 Henrik Karvinen Wildcard ECCO Tour 5  Confirmed*
41 Nicolaj Norman Hansen Wildcard ECCO Tour 6  Confirmed
42 Magnus Eilertsen Wildcard ECCO Tour 7  Confirmed
43 Henri Lahdenperä Wildcard ECCO Tour 8  Confirmed*
44 Carl Jismark Wildcard ECCO Tour 9  Confirmed
45 Marcus Gran Wildcard ECCO Tour 10  Confirmed
46 Carlos Rodiles FGU invite Confirmed* 
47 James Reiss FGU invite  Confirmed*
48 Oskar Henningsson FGU invite  Confirmed
49 Saber Barhoumi FGU invite  Confirmed*
50 Immu Korvenmaa FGU invite  Confirmed*
51 Janne Martikainen FGU invite  Confirmed*
52 Kim Koivu FGU invite  Confirmed
53 Robin Salmi FGU invite  Confirmed*
54 Linus Väisänen FGU invite  Confirmed
55 Sakari Kuosmanen FGU invite  Confirmed
56 Kalle Samooja FINNISH TOUR CAT.  Confirmed*
57 Jaakko Mäkitalo FINNISH TOUR CAT.  Confirmed*
58 Joonas Granberg FINNISH TOUR CAT.  Confirmed*
59 Teemu Toivonen FINNISH TOUR CAT.  Confirmed
60 Niklas Dahlgren FINNISH TOUR CAT.  Confirmed*
61 Teemu Putkonen FINNISH TOUR CAT.  Confirmed*
62 Miki Kuronen FINNISH TOUR CAT.  Confirmed
63 Olli Järvi FINNISH TOUR CAT.  Confirmed
64 Markus Ervasti FINNISH TOUR CAT.  Confirmed*
65 Niko Tainio FINNISH TOUR CAT.  Confirmed
66 Tuomas Tuovinen FINNISH TOUR CAT.  Confirmed*
67 Tuomas Pollari FINNISH TOUR CAT.  Confirmed*
68 Riku Mattila FINNISH TOUR CAT.  Confirmed*
69 Matti Meriläinen FINNISH TOUR CAT.  Confirmed*
70 Sebastian Kindstedt FINNISH TOUR CAT.  Confirmed*
71 Lauri Ruuska FINNISH TOUR CAT.  Confimed*
72 Toni Karjalainen FINNISH TOUR CAT.  Confirmed*
73 Henri Pyykölä FINNISH TOUR CAT.  Confirmed*
74 Albert Eckhardt FINNISH TOUR CAT.  
75 Heikki Mäntylä FGU invite  Confirmed
76 Joachim Altonen FGU invite  Confirmed*
77 Kristian Kulokorpi FGU invite  Confirmed
78 Jani Perttilä FINNISH TOUR CAT.  Confirmed*
79 Markku Antinkoski FINNISH TOUR CAT.  Confirmed*
80 Jani Hietanen FINNISH TOUR CAT. Confirmed* 
81 Tatu Toivo FINNISH TOUR CAT.  Confirmed
82 Jarno Hovila FINNISH TOUR CAT.  Confirmed*
83 Henrik Kontro FINNISH TOUR CAT.  Confirmed
84 Ville Sirkiä FINNISH TOUR CAT.  Confirmed*
85 Patrick O’neill 6B-023  Confirmed
86 Christoffer Lange 6B-024  Confirmed
87 Christofer Blomstrand 6B-025  Confirmed
88 Kristian Grud 6B-026  Confirmed
89 Pontus Ellerström 6B-028  Confirmed
90 André Kasprzak 6B-032  Confirmed
91 Simon Forsström 6B-034  Confirmed
92 Henrik Hilford Brander 6B-036  Confirmed
93 Fredrik Gustavsson 6B-038  Confirmed
94 Anders Engell 6B-046  Confirmed
95 Robin Wingårdh 6B-046  Confirmed
96 Jesper Gaardsdal 6B-048  Confirmed
97 Christopher Feldborg-Nielsen 6B-062  
98 Simon Gundorph 7-003  Confirmed
99 Mads Kristensen 7-006  Confirmed
100 Jonathan Nylen 7-019  Confirmed
101 Henrik Lahti 7-020  Confirmed*
102 Lasse Sonne Nielsen 9-052  Confirmed
103 Ola Johansson 9-053  Confirmed
104 Henri Satama 9-055  Confirmed
105 Mikael Lindberg 9-064  Confirmed
106 Edvin Stenberg 9-068  Confirmed
107 Winnie Söderholm 10-002  Confirmed
108 Max Munther 11-071  Confirmed
109 Jonas Magnusson 11-072  
110 Christian Larsson 11-076  Confirmed
111 Eric Blom 11-077  Confirmed
112 Tuomas Salminen 11-085  Confirmed*
113 Mark Suursalu 11-086  Confirmed
114 Per Barth 11-087  Confirmed
115 Daniel Sandberg 11-088  Confirmed
116 Gustaf Kocken 11-089  Confimed
117 Oscar Zetterwall 11-096  Confirmed
118 Antti Lassila FGU invite  Confirmed
119 Niklas Virta FGU invite  Confirmed*
120 Henri Lipsanen FGU invite  Confirmed*
121 Panu Kylliäinen FGU invite  
122 Thomas Sundström FGU invite  Confirmed*
123 Kristian Nielsen 13-118  Confirmed
124 Christopher Lang 13-122  Confirmed
125 Gustav Åkesson 13-124  Confirmed
126 Petter Bocian 13-128  Confirmed
127 Niclas Hellberg 13-129  Confirmed*
128 Jonas Haglund 13-136  Confirmed
129 Jesper Happel 13-140  Confirmed
130 Johan Gullstrand 13-149  Confirmed
131 Calle Öberg 13-158  Confirmed
132 Robin Askstrand 13-165  Confirmed
133 Joakim Carlsson 13-165  Confirmed
134 Mattias Bohlin 13-169  Confirmed
135 Jonathan Fransson 13-175  Confirmed
136 Ossi Mikkola 13-178  Confirmed
137 Filip Brattse 13-180  Confirmed
138 Stefan Nilsson 13-180  Confirmed
139 Mike Kelly 13-201  Confirmed
140 Fredrik Bredin 13-215  Confirmed
141 Marcus Lindström 13-219  Confirmed
142 Stian K Wiik Hansen 13-229 Confirmed
143 Mikael Salminen 13-234  Confirmed
144 Rikard  Halvorsen  13-234   Confirmed
 145 Daniel Bredberg 13-234   Confirmed
 146 Daniel Roger Larsen 13-324   Confirmed
 147 Johan Rydheim  13-324   Confirmed
148 Santeri Lehesmaa FINNISH TOUR CAT.  Confirmed
149 Gürhan Kaya  13-324  Confirmed
150 Atte Rauhala FINNISH TOUR CAT.  Confirmed*
 151 Aki Kultanen FINNISH TOUR CAT.  
 152 Jyri Siivonen FINNISH TOUR CAT.    Confirmed
153 Peter Puhakka FINNISH TOUR CAT.   
154 Tuomas Nukari FINNISH TOUR CAT.   
155 Jonas Väisänen FINNISH TOUR CAT.   
156 Aleksi Seppänen FINNISH TOUR CAT.   
Cut off point – may move down subject to late withdrawals
R1 Jesse Nyman FINNISH TOUR CAT.  
R2 Sami Varelius FINNISH TOUR CAT.  
R3 Tuukka Hieto FINNISH TOUR CAT.  
R4 Matias Sipponen FINNISH TOUR CAT.  
R5 Ari Savolainen FINNISH TOUR CAT.  
R6 Mikael Jämsä FINNISH TOUR CAT.  
R7 Tuukka Ylihärsilä FINNISH TOUR CAT.  
R8 Antti Ahava FINNISH TOUR CAT.  
R9 Patrik Teppola FINNISH TOUR CAT.  
R10 Kalle Leinonen FINNISH TOUR CAT.  
R11 Joona Mäenpää FINNISH TOUR CAT.  
R12 Niclas Heino FINNISH TOUR CAT.  
R13 Simo Haavisto FINNISH TOUR CAT.  
R14 Jani Pitkänen FINNISH TOUR CAT.  
R15 Roope Allinen FINNISH TOUR CAT.  
R16 Ville Kemilä FINNISH TOUR CAT.  
R17 Jani Reitamo FINNISH TOUR CAT.  
R18 Henrik Honkalehto FINNISH TOUR CAT.  
R19 Petteri Kallio FINNISH TOUR CAT.  
R20 Christofer Jusslin FINNISH TOUR CAT.  
R21 Eetu Rantanen FINNISH TOUR CAT.  
R22 Sami Vanni FINNISH TOUR CAT.  
R23 Hannu Metsola FINNISH TOUR CAT.  
R24 Arttu Linden FINNISH TOUR CAT.  
R25 Tuomas Sistonen FINNISH TOUR CAT.  
R26 Onni-Pekka Hurri FINNISH TOUR CAT.  
R27 Pertti Palosuo FINNISH TOUR CAT.  
R28 Jomi Suhonen FINNISH TOUR CAT.  
R29 Joonas Hinkkanen FINNISH TOUR CAT.  
R30 Jarkko Raski FINNISH TOUR CAT.  
R31 Kimmo Vihanto FINNISH TOUR CAT.  
R32 Sami Santaluoto FINNISH TOUR CAT.  
R33 Antti-Jussi Lintunen FINNISH TOUR CAT.  
R34 Miro Vesterinen FINNISH TOUR CAT.  
R35 Kaj-Matias Kujala FINNISH TOUR CAT.  
R36 Juhana Pernaa No category  
R37 Daniel Silva No category  
R38 Marcus Segerström NO  
R39 Rickard Andrén NO  
R40 Steven Nordmark NO  

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