NGL Final Stage is played at Skjoldenæsholm Golf Center from 9 - 11 October 2014

NGL Final Stage is played at Skjoldenæsholm Golf Center from 9 – 11 October 2014

Please make sure to check out what your status is? Do you have to play 1st stage NGL Q-School, are you exempt from 1st stage and ready for the Final Stage, or have you already secured your spot for 2015?

Here you find a cleaned list, where all players who failed to play in three different countries or who failed to play seven events have been removed.

Final Stage information
The Final Stage will be played over three days (18+18+18 holes), with cut after 36 holes for the leading 50 players + ties, on 9-11 of October at Skjoldenæsholm Golf Center in Denmark.

Measuring devices and grooves
On the Nordic Golf League you are allowed to use distance-measuring devices.

The new rules regarding grooves in wedges and irons are in effect on Nordic Golf League and does also apply for the Qualifying School.

Who is exempt from Q-School?
There has been some changes to the Nordic Golf League category and exempt system. Please read them here.

You find exempt categories for 2015 here

On the NGL ranking above on October 5 the rule of thumb should be:

  • 1-50: Don’t play
  • 51 – 70: Can play to improve category
  • 71 – 100 Must play to get category
  • 101+: Must play 1st stage

Field size
The following players are allowed to participate in the final stage:

  • Players that are top-100 on Nordic Golf League Ranking as of 20nd September and have participated in a minimum of seven (7) Nordic Golf League tournaments in at least three (3) Nordic countries. Find a cleaned list here.
  • A maximum of 78 players qualified from a first stage venue.

Prior to the NGL Q-School The NGL Ranking has been cleared of those who do not fulfill the 7 events rule and the 3 different countries rule. That leaves a cleaned list, which you can find here.

Players that have qualified from the first stage do not have to make an entry for the final stage.

Players that are exempt from stage 1 via Nordic Golf League Ranking must enter by contacting the tournament office at the final stage venue no later than 14 days before the first day of competition at the final stage. Contact Malene Rossen at

Entry fee
Players qualified from the first stage does not have to pay an additional entry fee.

For players that were exempt from the first stage the entry fee is € 300.

Withdrawals from the final stage must be done through the tournament office at the final stage venue.

Categories for 2015
Players in the final stage are competing for categories on the 2015 Nordic Golf League. At the conclusion of the Qualifying School Final Stage all players will be ranked according to score.

The leading 25 players (and those players tied on that score) will earn category 6 (or corresponding).

Players making the cut and finishing beyond 25th place will earn category 9 (or corresponding).

Players who fail to make the cut will earn category 12 (or corresponding).

Ties within a category will be differentiated according to the mathematical method.


What is your situation?

After Race to Himmerland there can be no more change to this end of the NGL Ranking.

From 51 – 70 after Race to Himmerland:

  • You get a category 8a for next year.
  • You can improve your category at the Q-School to a category 6
  • You are automatically qualified for the NGL Q-School Final Stage (find link below)

Outside top 70 after Race to Himmerland:

  • You do not have a category for 2015
  • You MUST play Q-School
  • You are automatically qualified for the NGL Q-School Final Stage (find link below)

Inside top 50 af Race to Himmerland:

  • You have a category 5a for next year.
  • NO reason to play Q-School


Not Exempt and not registered for Q-School yet.

If you are not exempt or have not yet signed up for the Qualifier, do not panic. There are still available spots at the NGL Q-School in Denmark prior to the Final Stage. You find information about that here.


For queries regarding the Nordic Golf League Qualifying School Final Stage, please contact the NGL Q-School Final Stage office at


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