Below is some important info about registration, withdrawals etc.


  • Withdrawal is done online no later than the entry deadline.
  • Withdrawal after the entry deadline is called cancellation.
  • If a player withdraws from an ongoing tournament without a valid reason he will be fined € 150.

Cancellation of entry

  • A player who cancels his entry after the entry deadline must do so by contacting the tournament office or the Tournament Director for that specific tournament.
  • The player will be obligated to pay the full entry fee unless he has acceptable reasons, i.e. playing  a tournament on a higher ranked tour, injury evidenced by a medical certificate etc.
  • ECCO Tour Tournament office number is +45 4085 4300

Entry Fee

  • The entry fee for Nordic Golf League tournaments is € 225.


  • All participating players are required to register no later than 18:00 (local time) three (3) days prior to the first day of competition.
  • Registration is done online by paying the full entry fee.
  • A player that fails to register on time will loose his place in the tournament and will be obligated to pay the full entry fee.

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