2TOURS1MEMBERSHIPThe new Nordic Golf League entry system is opened

On 28 March opened a new common registration system for Nordic Golf League. By registering as Nordic Golf League player, you will now be able to enter/register for all tournaments under the Nordic Golf League, in whatever country it is played, or which tour is promoting it. It is also in the new system, you pay your membership and upcoming entry fees.

Link to the registration system are: http://eccotour.org/playerlogin  or http://nordicgolfleague.com/playerlogin

Below we have listed a few questions and answers about the new system and the joint Nordic membership. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us via email at fa@golfpromote.dk


I have a Golf ID – do I need to create a new account to register as a Nordic Golf League player?
If you have a Golf ID for GolfBox or Min Golf, you do not need to create a new account. On http://eccotour.org/playerlogin choose the golf association you belong in step 1, then use your Golf ID and password to login. The first time you log in, you must register as Nordic Golf League player. Next time you log in, you will go straight into the system.

I don´t have a Golf ID – What to do?
If you do not have a Golf ID, or if you are associated with a Golf Federation outside the Nordic region, select “Other” in the options at http://eccotour.org/playerlogin. After that you create your account and choose your username and password.

Why is there created a new system?
As part of the cooperation between the four countries and tours of the Nordic Golf League, we decided in autumn 2012 to create a common database of players and a common entry and tournament system. The benefits for us are many, but also for you as a player, for example: You now only need one login to enter and confirm for tournaments, you now only pay one membership instead of several, and you only have to give your bank details for the prize money once.

Who must pay membership?
All professional players, including Non-Amateurs must pay Nordic Golf League membership of € 500.
Amateurs pays an annual administration fee of € 50

How do I pay the membership?
Once you are logged into the system you will see a box on the right called membership. This box will indicate whether you have paid your membership or not. You can sign up for tournaments without paying membership, but you have to pay before you can confirm your entry. That means, when you are asked to confirm your entry to your first tournament, you must pay membership before you can pay your entry fee.

Why has the membership fee increased by € 100?
Membership to the Nordic Golf League includes for the future both ECCO Tour, Finnish Tour and Nordea Tour and tournaments organized by the Norwegian Golf Federation. Earlier players who played on i.e. both the ECCO Tour and Nordea Tour paid a membership for both Nordea Tour and ECCO Tour, and for these players is in fact a saving of approx. € 300

Who gets to play the Nordic Golf League?
All professionasl, Non-Amateurs and Amateurs can play on the Nordic Golf League.

Who is counted on Nordic Golf League Ranking?
All professionals, Non-Amateurs and Amateurs who have paid their membership or administration fee, and have fulfilled the 7/3 rule for seven tournaments played in three different countries, will be counted when Nordic Golf League Final ranking is calculated. Players who do not fulfill  these conditions will be removed from the final list. For professionals also goes that they must be members of their national PGA.


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