2TOURS1MEMBERSHIPThe future will be much easier and cheaper for the Nordic Golf League players – as of the 2013 season a common Nordic Golf League membership that covers both Finnish Tour, ECCO Tour and Nordea Tour is introduced.

“It is extremely gratifying that we have been able to find common ground between the Nordic tours. So far, players who wanted to play on i.e. both ECCO and Nordea Tour, had to pay a membership of 400 Euro on each side, and it has been both expensive and inappropriate, “says Flemming Astrup from ECCO Tour and continues “ECCO Tour has since 2008 been struggling to convince the involved tours that it was wrong to have multiple memberships on the Nordic Golf League. I am therefore pleased, especially on the players’ behalf ”

Besides the common membership, players on the Nordic tours will also be introduced to a new common entry system, which makes it possible for the players to sign up for all Nordic Golf League tournaments at the same site.

The membership fee for 2013 will be 500 Euro while the entry fee of 200 Euro will remain unchanged.

The new system that will be introduced around April 1st, is developed by GolfBox who also in the future will be a key partner for the Nordic Golf League tours.

Please note that registration for Nordic Golf League Winter Series until further is done through ECCO Tour on www.eccotour.org/winterseries


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