Oliver Nyholm vandt ECCO Tour Qualification til 2014 i 11-under-par efter 36 huller på Himmerland Golf & Spa Resort

Oliver Nyholm vandt ECCO Tour Qualification til 2014 i 11-under-par efter 36 huller på Himmerland Golf & Spa Resort

Qualifying School 2014

Welcome to the Nordic Golf League Qualifying School – Denmark 2014! 

Now it is time to secure your spot on the ECCO Tour and the Nordic Golf League for 2015. Make sure you play the Q-School and secure or improve your category to give yourself the best terms for the 2015 season.

Reasons to chose Danish venue

  • Great odds to qualify for Final Stage (21 spots).
  • Danish Q-School is played at the same course as Final Stage two days later.
  • Great course.
  • Course is located close to Copenhagen, so easy to get to the venue.

Date and venue
The first stage will be played at Skjoldenæsholm Golf Center, Trent Jones Jr. on 6-7 October.

Conditions and format of play
The Qualifying School is played over two days as a 36-hole event without cut.

The Qualifying School is played using the same rules & regulations as all Nordic Golf League tournaments. Click here for 2014 Nordic Golf League Rules & Regulations.

Tournament Entry

Entry for the Qualifying School must be registered in the Nordic Golf League online entry system no later than Sunday 5 October at 12:00 (noon) (CET). Click here for the online entry system.

NB. Entries by other methods will not be accepted. You can, however, contact Malene Rossen at mr@golfpromote.dk for questions.

Entry fee
The entry fee for the Qualifying School is EUR 300 incl. 6 % VAT. A tournament yardage book, free rental trolley and free range balls are included in the entry fee.

Withdrawals from the Qualifying School must be made by sending an e-mail to the ECCO Tour via Malene Rossen at mr@golfpromote.dk Players that withdraw after the entry deadline will have to pay a fee of EUR 100 incl. 6 % VAT.

Player selection
A maximum total of 132 players can participate in the Qualifying School. The order of participant selection is made as follows:

1. The hosting venue has 3 wild cards.

2. Players sorted by handicap regardless of nationality.

List of participants
When the entry deadline has passed and the field selection is made, the list of participants and reserves will be published on the ECCO Tour website.

Reserve players
A list of reserves, i.e. non-selected players, will be published on the ECCO Tour website. As soon as a withdrawal is received a reserve will be contacted. When the confirmation deadline expires on 5 October, the final reserves will be contacted via telephone. If a reserve does not answer our call the player loses his place on the reserve list and contact will be made with the next player on the list. Reserves cannot request a venue.

Registration confirmation
Registration must be made no later than 12:00 (CET) on 5 October by paying the full entry fee online.

If a player fails to register he will be removed and must pay a fee of EUR 100 incl. 6 % VAT.

Practice rounds
Players that are on the list of participants may play one practice round free of charge at Skjoldenæsholm Golf Center where he will play the Qualifying School. When the list of participants is published any specific guidelines for practice rounds at each of the venues will also be available.

Withdrawal of play during the Qualifying School
Players have the right to withdraw from the Qualifying School between rounds if the Tournament Director is notified before the starting list for the next round is published.

NB Players that does not show up for a stipulated round must pay a fee of EUR 100 incl. 6 % VAT.

After 36 holes of play, players tying for first place as well as players tying for 21st place on each of the venues shall have their final positions determined by a hole by hole play-off.

For all other positions the ties are decided by the mathematic method.

Number of spots to Final Stage
A maximum total of 78 players will qualify to the final stage, distributed as follows.

  • Denmark: 21 players
  • Finland: 8 players
  • Norway: 5 players
  • Sweden: 44 players (4 venues)

NB! Please note that a player is only allowed to participate at one (1) 1st stage venue.

If a player who is qualified for the final stage chooses not to play, that spot is not available for any player outside those who are qualified.


Final Stage information
The Final Stage will be played over three days (18+18+18 holes), with cut after 36 holes for the leading 50 players + ties, on 9-11 of October at Skjoldenæsholm Golf Center in Denmark.

Measuring devices and grooves
On the ECCO Tour you are allowed to use distance-measuring devices.

The new rules regarding grooves in wedges and irons are in effect on Nordic Golf League and does also apply for the Qualifying School.

Who is exempt from Q-School?
There has been some changes to the Nordic Golf League category and exempt system. Please read them here.

You find exempt categories for 2015 here

Field size
The following players are allowed to participate in the final stage:

  • Players that are top-100 on Nordic Golf League Ranking as of 20nd September and have participated in a minimum of seven (7) Nordic Golf League tournaments in at least three (3) Nordic countries.
  • A maximum of 78 players qualified from a first stage venue.

Players that have qualified from the first stage do not have to make an entry for the final stage.

Players that are exempt from stage 1 via Nordic Golf League Ranking must enter by contacting the tournament office at the final stage venue no later than 14 days before the first day of competition at the final stage.

Entry fee
Players qualified from the first stage does not have to pay an additional entry fee.

For players that were exempt from the first stage the entry fee is € 300.

Withdrawals from the final stage must be done through the tournament office at the final stage venue.

Categories for 2015
Players in the final stage are competing for categories on the 2015 Nordic Golf League. At the conclusion of the Qualifying School Final Stage all players will be ranked according to score.

The leading 25 players (and those players tied on that score) will earn category 6 (or corresponding).

Players making the cut and finishing beyond 25th place will earn category 9 (or corresponding).

Players who fail to make the cut will earn category 12 (or corresponding).

Ties within a category will be differentiated according to the mathematical method.


For queries regarding the Nordic Golf League Qualifying School, please contact the ECCO Tour office at mr@golfpromote.dk.



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