ECCO Tour introduces digital course guides

Dear Players,

We are happy to inform you that as of Bravo Tours Open by Visit Tønder at Rømø Golf from 25 – 27 April, we will introduce a digital Course Guide. Paper version Course Guides will not be available on the ECCO Tour in 2018.

We have listened to your requests over the past seasons regarding better measuring-options from especially the teeshots. Together with a long list of other reasons, we have, therefore, decided to switch to a digital solution and we have started collaboration with Ingenium Golf. Ingenium Golf is behind the GLFR App, in which you will find your course guides in 2018.

There will be areas, where you will miss the old course guides, but after serious consideration we have come to the conclusion that there are more pros than cons in favour of the GLFR app.

The electronic course guide offers so much potential, and we look forward to contributing to this development. The overall course guide is available now, and you are able to get the exact measurement with the GPS in your phone to any tree, any water hazard, to carry a specific bunker etc. Where the printed course guides gave you certain measurements you are now able to choose the measurements and distances that you prefer. But in the long run, this app will be much more than this.

The GLFR app will eventually be able to track your every shot as you know from Shot Tracker on the PGA Tour, and a long with that, it offers you a great statistical tool of your round i.e. greens in regulation, fairways hit, driving distance etc. And all of this should be available on Livescoring, so your fans can monitor, where you are placed after each shot. However, this is not a feature, which is ready and will not be ready in 2018.

The Course guides will be ready 2 – 4 weeks in advance, which means you will be able to prepare at home. When you are at home all measurements will be from the backtee, but once you get to a hole, your GPS will make sure that you have the correct measurements from the teebox you are playing from. The measurements will always be from your Phone’s GPS, and shots towards the green will always be to the “T”.

On each hole you will se a dot on the green. That is “today’s” pin position. It has been marked with a highly accurate device, so it should be very accurate. This gives you a great idea of where the hole is placed according to slopes, bunkers etc. “Today’s” pin position will also be shown in a little drop down text box on each hole. Pin positions will be available the evening before your round. This means that you always have to have an updated version of your course guide.

The Course Guide is constantly being developed and improved, so please note that there will be minor changes and improvements to a course guide leading up to the event.

In the course guide you will find Local Rules, NGL R&R, pin positions and number for the referee.

At Rømø Golf there will be a short meeting prior to the Bravo Tours Open. This is held on Tuesday evening. You will hear more about that later on, if you are playing the event. 

Please read more about the GLFR app
We have created some pages with information on GLFR app and placed them under “Player Login” in the menu at Here you find introduction, explanations and an FAQ where you will find the answers to most of  your questions.

We look forward to a great season.

Many regards,