Entries and reserves list for Master of the Monster Match Play – at Green Eagle 8-10 may 2018

Below is the entry and reserves list for Master of the Monster Match Play – at Green Eagle 8-10 may 2018

Field information

  • Field Size: 72 Players
  • Players are picked according to NGL ranking system

Please remember to register on time – the registration deadline is Saturday may 5th at 18:00 (CET)


  • Registration is done online by paying the full entry fee.
  • A player who fails to register on time will lose his place in the tournament and will be obligated to pay the full entry fee.


  • Withdrawal is done online no later than the entry deadline.
  • Withdrawal after the entry deadline is called cancellation.
  • If a player withdraws from an ongoing tournament without a valid reason he will be fined € 150.


  • A player who cancels his entry after the entry deadline must do so by contacting the tournament office for that specific tournament.
  • A player who cancels his entry more than 7 days prior to the start of the tournament will have to pay a fee of €100.
  • A player who cancels his entry less than 7 days prior to the start of the tournament will have to pay the full entry fee.
  • The fees above apply in all cases unless the player has acceptable reasons, i.e. playing a tournament on a higher ranked tour, injury evidenced by a medical certificate etc.

Last updated April 26th

Current seeding Category Name Last Name
1 001A-007 Per Längfors
2 001A-008 Haraldur Magnus
3 001A-011 Ludwig Nordeklint
4 001A-016 Mikael Lindberg
5 001A-019 Christian Gløët
6 001A-021 Nicolai Tinning
7 001A-023 Oliver Suhr
8 001A-025 Martin Leth Simonsen
9 001A-027 Benjamin Henry Poke
10 001A-028 Nicolai Buchwardt Kristensen
11 001A-034 Victor Theandersson
12 001B-001 Jesper Kennegård
13 001B-009 Elias Valås Falkenér Bertheussen
14 003B-CT17 Niklas Lindström
15 003B-CT17 Mads Vibe-Hastrup
16 003B-CT18 Frederik Dreier
17 005A-002 Christian Larsson
18 005A-006 Frederik Andersen
19 005A-007 Oskar Bergqvist
20 005A-009 Peter Launer Bæk
21 005A-012 Nikolai Mejlstrup Høgh Christensen
22 005A-014 Andri Bjornsson
23 005A-015 Martin Ulseth
24 008A-001 Jacob Pingel Lauridsen
25 008A-007 Jesper Gunder Larsen
26 008A-011 Gabriel Axell
27 008A-012 Mathias Gladbjerg
28 008A-019 Jakob Kollerup
29 006-006 Marcus Helligkilde
30 006-010 Robin Askstrand
31 006-012 Kevin Andre Wright
32 006-016 Adam Andersson
  006-020 Robert Jonasson
  006-024 Sander Stavnar
  009A-003 Gudmundur Kristjansson
  009A-010 Mikkel Hjorth
  009A-023 Keen Bernberg
  009A-022 Wiktor Friberg
  010-016 Martin Granstad
  010-049 Felix Pålson
  012A-002 Kevin Bengtsson
  012A-007 Tobias Larsen
  012A-008 Nicolai Nøhr Madsen
  012A-014 Kristian Kulokorpi
  012A-017 Jørgen Winther Johansen
  012A-022 Jesper Andersson
  012A-023 Allan Werner
  012A-024 Oliver Jacobsson
  012A-044 Anton Guedra
  007-003 Marco Niehaus
  007-002 Marvin Schröder
  007-001 Aaron Leitmannstetter
  013-067 Hannes Rönneblad
  014ET-024 Nicolai Emil Oxenbøll
  014ET-030 Mikkel Bergmos
  014ET-041 Søren Schulze Pettersson
  014ET-045 Oliver Percy-Smith
  014ET-052 Patrick Rasmussen
  014ET-053 Frederik Grønning Faurhøj
  014ET-063 Anders Hornshøj
  014ET-067 Mads Andersen
  014ET-070 Michael Fossto
  014ET-078 Mike Solgaard
  014ET-081 Christian Bæch Christensen
  014ET-090 Lasse Strunge Larsen
  015-UR-001 Benedict Staben
  015-UR-002 Oscar Hertzberg
  015-UR-003 Mathias Laage Hansen
  015-UR-004 Jesper Jurell
  015-UR-005 Linus Manntz
  015-UR-007 Johannes Axell
  015-UR-010 Rickard Wallin
  015-UR-012 Adrian Verroca
  015-UR-013 Alfred Eriksson
  015-UR-014 Lucas Norman

The Master of the Monster at Green Eagle Golf Club will be an introduction to a new and exciting format. 

The format will be a mix between Match Play and Stroke Play, but the Stroke Play will also have an element of Match Play.

Close of Entry is 25 April at 12.00 (noon)

Field size

  • 72 Players

Prize Fund

  • 30.000 Euro

Format & Schedule

Tuesday 8 May (72 players)

  • R1  Match Play: 18 holes

Wednesday 9 May – Morning Session (36 players)

  • R2 Match Play:
  • Format: 18 holes Match Play

Wednesday 9 May – Afternoon Session (18 players)

  • R3 Stroke Play 
  • 6 Groups with 3 players in each group
  • Format: 18 holes Stroke Play
  • Only the winner of each group advances to R4 – The Final

Thursday 10 May (6 players)

  • R4 – Final Round Stroke Play
  • Lowest Final Round becomes the “Master of the Monster”


  • 36 players will be seeded in R1 Match Play
  • Seeding will only occur in the R1 Match Play

The Draw

R1 Match Play

  • 36 players are seeded according to category.
  • The 36 non-seeded players will be placed via a draw

R2 Match Play

  • Matchups are decided by a draw between all 36 remaining players. For the understanding, let’s call these 18 matches Q1 – Q18.

R3 Stroke Play (groups of 3 players)

Groups are decided according to the draw in R2. Let’s call the six matches in this round for S1 – S6

  • The winners of Q1 – Q3 constitute the three players in Match S1
  • Winners of Q4 – Q6 = Match S2
  • Winners of Q7 – Q9 = Match S3
  • Winners of Q10 – Q12 = Match S4
  • Winners of Q13 – Q15 = Match S5
  • Winners of Q16 – Q18 = Match S6

R4 Stroke Play – The Final

  • Winners from Match S1 – S3 constitute the three players in the 1st 3-ball
  • Winners from Match S4 – S6 constitute the three players in the 2nd 3-ball
  • They decide positions 1 to 6. It is possible to share any positions expect for 1st place.

Play offs

  • There will only be playoff when relevant for who advances in each round, and for the 1stplace in The Final Round.
  • Play offs will be held at the 18th hole as a shortened hole. A “Play Off Zone”, will be marked on the 18th fairway.

The concept of the Master of the Monster

  • The Porsche Nord Course at Green Eagle Golf Club is a long golf course, and it will be played very long this week. Hence the Title “Master of the Monster”. 


  • Players losing in 1st round Match Play = 37th place (Missed Cut)
  • Players losing in Quarter Finals Match Play = 19th place
  • Players losing in Semi Final Group Play = 7th place
  • All six players in the Final will decide places 1 – 6 between them

The Breakdown