Entries & Reserves list: Kitchen Joy Championship – Presented by Visit Tønder 4-6 May 2016

joyBelow is the entry and reserves list for Kitchen Joy Championship – Presented by Visit Tønder played atBrundtland Golfcenter 4-6 May 2016

Field information

  • Field Size: 120 Players
  • Players are picked according to NGL ranking system

Please remember to register on time – the registration deadline is Sunday May 1st at 18:00 (CET)


  • All competitors are required to register no later than 18:00 (CET) three (3) days prior to the first day of competition.
  • Registration is done online by paying the full entry fee.
  • A player that fails to register on time will lose his place in the tournament and will be obligated to pay the full entry fee.


  • Withdrawal is done online no later than the entry deadline.
  • Withdrawal after the entry deadline is called cancellation.
  • If a player withdraws from an ongoing tournament without a valid reason he will be fined € 150.


  • A player who cancels his entry after the entry deadline must do so by contacting the tournament office for that specific tournament.
  • A player who cancels his entry more than 7 days prior to the start of the tournament will have to pay a fee of €100.
  • A player who cancels his entry less than 7 days prior to the start of the tournament will have to pay the full entry fee.
  • The fees above apply in all cases unless the player has acceptable reasons, i.e. playing a tournament on a higher ranked tour, injury evidenced by a medical certificate etc.

Last updated 22. april

No. Name Last Name Country Ranking
  Rasmus Hjelm Nielsen Danmark 001A-008
  Peter Vejgaard Danmark 001A-009
  Martin B. Ovesen Danmark 001A-011
  Christopher Feldborg-Nielsen Sverige 001A-012
  Åke Nilsson Sverige 001A-013
  Benjamin Henry Poke Danmark 001A-016
  Tobias Rosendahl Sverige 001A-017
  Mark Flindt Haastrup Danmark 001A-021
  Patrick Winther Danmark 001A-022
  Christian Aronsen Norge 001A-023
  Marcus Larsson Sverige 001A-024
  Erik Oja Sverige 001A-025
  Richard Pettersson Sverige 001A-026
  Kasper K. Estrup Danmark 001A-027
  Simon Willer Danmark 001A-028
  Victor Flatau Sverige 001A-029
  Gustav Adell Sverige 001A-030
  Oliver Lindell Finland 001A-031
  Nicolai Tinning Danmark 001A-032
  Victor Østerby Danmark 001A-033
  Andreas Grönkvist Sverige 001A-034
  Mathias Johansson Sverige 001B-012
  Niclas Johansson Sverige 001B-012
  Elias Bertheussen Norge 001B-019
  Nils Florén Sverige 003B-CT15
  Christian Gløët Danmark 003B-CT15
  Oscar Florén Sverige 003M-CT15
  Alexander Wennstam Sverige 004-005
  Patrick O’neill Danmark 005A-002
  Ludwig Nordeklint Sverige 005A-004
  Sondre Erevik Ronold Norge 005A-007
  Oliver Suhr Danmark 005A-008
  Andreas Andersson Sverige 005A-010
  Jonas Haglund Finland 005A-011
  Jesper Olsson Sverige 005A-012
  Martin Amtkjær Danmark 006-001
  Nicolai Kristensen Danmark 006-002
  Axel Arinbjarnarson Sverige 006-003
  Andreas Søndergaard Danmark 006-005
  Mark Larsson Sverige 006-006
  Nikolaj Nissen Danmark 006-007
  Mattias Eliasson Sverige 006-008
  Albert Eckhardt Finland 006-011
  Marcus Lindström Sverige 006-012
  Sander Stavnar Norge 006-013
  Mikael Salminen Finland 006-014
  Oliver Hauen-Limkilde Nyholm Danmark 006-015
  Thomas Sørensen Danmark 006-019
  Adam Andersson Sverige 006-020
  Jesper Andersson Sverige 006-020
  Jesper Gunder Larsen Danmark 006-021
  Axel Boasson Island 006-023
  David Bäckström Sverige 006-024
  Jacob Pingel Lauridsen Danmark 006-025
  Nicolaj Norman Hansen Danmark 006-026
  Nicolai Emil Oxenbøll Danmark 006-027
  Linus Väisänen Finland 006-028
  Nicolai Kjær Kokholm Danmark 006-029
  Jonne Asikainen Finland 006-031
  Mathias Gladbjerg Danmark 006-033
WC 1 Mark Suursalu Estland 012A-017
WC 2 Allan Werner Danmark 012A-023
WC 3 Simon Gundorph Danmark 012A-027
WC 4 Peter Launer Bæk Danmark 014ET-006
WC 5 Kevin Bozzi Italien 014ET-010
WC 6 Jonas Frøjn Andreasen Danmark 014ET-019
WC 7 Emil Søgaard Danmark 014ET-020
WC 8 Zacharias Agerbak Danmark 014ET-024
WC 9 Jan-Philip Neuendorf Tyskland 014ET-025
WC 10 Christian Bæch Christensen Danmark 014ET-029
WC 11 Kasper Sørensen Danmark 014ET-030
WC 12 Sixten Stemann Jensen Danmark 014ET-034
WC 13 Jakob Kollerup Danmark 014ET-037
WC 14 Anders Hornshøj Danmark 014ET-047
WC 15 Dennis Bæk Jensen Danmark 014ET-057
WC 16 Oliver Thygesen Nors Danmark 014ET-065
WC 17 Simon Børre Clausen Danmark 014ET-070
WC 18 Lasse Sonne Nielsen Danmark 014M-001
WC 19 Christoffer Bring Danmark WILDCARD
WC 20 Jacob Jørgensen Danmark WILDCARD
WC 21 Erik Røssland Kløvstad Norge WILDCARD
WC 22 Peter Baagøe Rasmussen Danmark WILDCARD
WC 23 Steen Tinning Danmark WILDCARD
WC 24 Dennis Clausen Danmark WILDCARD
  Felix Fihn Sverige 008A-001
  Jesper Lerchedahl Danmark 008A-002
  Christian Larsson Sverige 008A-005
  Emil Othberg Sverige 008A-006
  Max Munther Sverige 008A-009
  Mattias Bohlin Sverige 008A-010
  Nikolai Høgh Danmark 008A-011
  Anton Bergström Sverige 008A-014
  Oscar Zetterwall Sverige 008A-016
  Niklas Dahlgren Finland 008A-017
  Pontus Ellerström Sverige 008A-018
  Niklas Nørgaard Møller Danmark 008A-020
  Oskar Ambrosius Danmark 009A-001
  Fredrik Gustavsson Sverige 009A-003
  Anders Strand Ellingsberg Norge 009A-006
  Mads Kristensen Danmark 009A-008
  Knud Storgaard Jensen Danmark 009A-009
  Patrick Rasmussen Danmark 009A-011
  Anders Larson Sverige 009A-012
  Daniel Wolthers Andersen Danmark 009A-013
  Jeppe Kristian Andersen Danmark 009A-013
  Hampus Nilsson Sverige 009A-014
  Filip Brattse Sverige 009A-015
  Jarand Ekeland Arnøy Norge 009A-018
  Oliver Gillberg Sverige 009A-021
  Axel Rännar Sverige 009A-022
  Isak Knutsson Sverige 009A-027
  Fredrik Duarte Sverige 009A-028
  Oscar Bergman Sverige 009A-029
  Jani Hietanen Finland 009A-032
  Mikkel Hjorth Danmark 009A-032
  Kevin Andre Wright Norge 009A-033
  Marcus Gran Sverige 009A-035
  Hampus Larsson Sverige 009A-036
  Miro Veijalainen Finland 009A-038
  Oscar Lengdén Sverige 010-010
Current cut-off point (may move down due to withdrawals)
1 Torbjørn Johansen Norge 010-014
2 Mathias Lynne Schjølberg Norge 010-035
3 Per Längfors Sverige 010-039
4 Ole Berge Ramsnes Norge 012A-002
5 Nils Björling Sverige 012A-012
6 Jesper Karlsson Sverige 012A-013
7 Lasse Gerhardsen Norge 012A-016
8 Dennis Den Roover Norge 012A-021
9 Markus Säyrä Sverige 012A-028
10 Adam Larsson Norge 012A-029
11 Oskar Franck Sverige 012M-001
12 Jonas Carlson Sverige UR-HCP-002
13 Petur  Petursson Island UR-HCP-003
14 Jesper Jurell Sverige UR-HCP-004
15 Simon Malmberg Sverige UR-HCP-005
16 Frederik Hedmark Danmark UR-HCP-006
17 Søren Schulze Pettersson Danmark UR-HCP-007
18 Sebastian Lagerholm Sverige UR-HCP-008
19 Oscar Hallberg Sverige UR-HCP-009
20 Alexander Rosswag Tyskland UR-HCP-010
21 Robert Jonasson Sverige UR-HCP-011
22 Simon Dahlin Sverige UR-HCP-012
23 Alexander Lindbäck Sverige UR-HCP-013
24 Mattias Bergsteinsson Sverige UR-HCP-014
25 Sebastian Petersen Sverige UR-HCP-015
26 Douglas Ebe Sverige UR-HCP-016
27 Filip Trägårdh Sverige UR-HCP-017