How to find the GLFR App & ECCO Tour course guides

How to find the GLFR App & ECCO Tour course guides

If you want to use the ECCO Tour Digital Course Guide, you have to download the GLFR App.

Here you find the info you need:

  • Go to the App Store or Google Play
  • Download the app “GLFR” – Look for the logo above if in doubt
  • Sign up as a user – it is free 

You are now ready to use the GLFR App

Here you will find a thorough explanation of how to get started. Please read instructions.

How to use the GLFR app – extended explanation

  • Open the app


Step 1 – Search for ECCO Tour courses (Se video here)

  • Use the search function in the top right corner and type ECCO Tour. Then click the correct tournament.
  • It is IMPORTANT that you use the search function to make sure you get the right version with correct information. If you find the Course Guide via a list of guides and not via the Search Function, you might miss out on important information such as changes to local rules etc. So please USE SEARCH FUNCTION






Step 2 – Tournament page with NGL rules, Local Rules and referee No.

  • Once you have found the Course Guide via the Search Function i.e. ECCO Tour – Rømø, you will enter the “Home” page.
  • Under “Home” is where you find the course guide.
  • Under “Info” you find information such as NGL rules and regulations, local rules and the phone number for the referee. Eventually, we might come up with more info that will be placed here.
  • “Contact” is not used at the moment.
  • Please click back to “Home” and click on the Course Guide in the bottom.





Step 3 – Course Guide Page and the chance to update

  • When you have clicked on Course Guide, you enter the “Course Guide page”. Here there will be a little information for you again. Most likely the Local Rules and NGL rules. If we have any other information we have the chance to give it to you here.
  • ALWAYS UPDATE: Here you can also update the course guide, so you always have the newest and updated version. You do that by placing your finger on the screen and dragging it down. You should see a small “refreshing symbol” in the top and then you are updated. Se video here.
  • In the bottom right corner, you find the “play” button. Click on that.





Step 4 – downloading the Course Guide

  • The content on this next page is not relevant at the moment. Eventually it offers setup for scorecard, statistics etc., but none of this is relevant at the moment. Instead, please click the “play” button in the bottom right corner again. And the download begins.







Step 5

  • When the download is complete you are ready to explore the course guide. And please do so in advance and during your practice round, so you are familiar with the app.
  • Please read more about “how to use and understand the Course Guide” here (LINK)