2017 Qualifying School – Choose your venue

Welcome to the 2017 Nordic Golf League Qualifying School. Q-School 1st Stage is played in Finland, Norway, Sweden (3 venues) and Denmark. You can choose to play any of these 1st stages in any given country. Below you find relevant info for the Q-School 1st Stages and for the Final Stage, which is played from 13 – 15 October at Skjoldenæsholm Golf Center.

Available spots for Final Stage 1st Stage Q-School is played at various venues, and number of spots is:

  • Denmark: 22 players
  • Finland: 8 players
  • Norway: 6 players
  • Sweden: 42 players

The 1st Stage Venues: Q-School 1st stage Denmark:

  • Date: 10 – 11 October
  • Venue: Skjoldenæsholm Golf Center
  • Field Size: Maximum 120 players
  • For registration and further please info read here.

Q-School 1st stage Sweden:

  • Date: 5 – 6 October
  • 1st stage in Sweden will be played at three venues:
    • Allerum Golfklubb (78 players)
    • Landskrona Golfklubb (78 players)
    • Rya Golfklubb (78) players)
  • For registration and further info read here.

Q-School 1st stage Finland

  • Date: 19 September
  • Venue: Kullo Golf Club
  • For inquiries: Juha Juvonen phone: 040 – 561 5863.

Q-School 1st stage Norway

  • Date: 27 – 28 September
  • Venue: Miklagard Golf Club


Conditions of play The Qualifying School is played using the same rules & regulations as all Nordic Golf League tournaments.

The Qualifying School is open to:

  • Professionals, members of a national PGA or Swedish Non-Amateurs with a handicap of -3,4 or better approved by a national federation
  • REAM with a handicap of -3,4 or better approved by a national federation
  • Amateurs with a handicap of -3,4 or better approved by a national federation

Format of play
The 2017 Qualifying School will be conducted in two stages of stroke play.   A player is only allowed to participate in one (1) first stage venue. The number of qualifying spots from each event to the Final Stage will be determined and published before the first stage starts.

Field size
Field sizes in the first stage are to be decided by the country/tour.
Any player who wants to enter the Qualifying School must do so online prior to the closing date. Please note that each hosting country has its own first stage entry in the online entry system.
Entry fee
The entry fee is € 300 and includes the final stage.
Prize money
There is no prize money in either 1st Stage or Final Stage.

Number of spots to Final Stage A maximum total of 78 players will qualify to the final stage distributed as followed.

  • Denmark: 22 players
  • Finland: 8 players
  • Norway: 6 players
  • Sweden: 42 players

The number of players qualifying from each first stage venue is announced before the start of the first round. In the event of a tie for the final stage spot(s), a hole-by-hole play-off will be played to determine the final positions. If a player who is qualified for the final stage chooses not to play, that spot is not available for any player outside those who are qualified.

Who has to play 1st Stage and Final Stage?

  • Players who finish in the top-50 on the NGL Ranking will earn a category 5. They will not have to play Q-school.
  • Players who finish from 51st – 70th on the NGL Ranking will earn a category 8a. There do not have to play 1st stage, and are Exempt for Final Stage, and on Final Stage. Here they can improve their category to a category 6 by finishing in the top-25.
  • Players who finish from 71st – 100 on the NGL Ranking does not have a category. They are exempt for Final Stage and will have to play Final Stage to secure a category for 2017.
  • Players who finish from 101st and worse on the NGL Ranking will have to enter Q-School at 1st Stage.


Final Stage

Format of play
The final stage will be played over three days, 18+18+18 holes, with cut after 36 holes for the leading 70 players + ties.

Date & venue
13-15 October at Skjoldenæsholm Golf Center (RTJ course) in Denmark.

Field size The following players are allowed to participate in the final stage:

  • Players that are top-100 on the Nordic Golf League Ranking as of 18th September and have participated in a minimum of seven (7) Nordic Golf League tournaments in at least three (3) Nordic countries.
  • A maximum of 78 players qualified from a first stage venue.

Players that have qualified from the first stage do not have to make an entry for the final stage. Players that are exempt from stage 1 via Nordic Golf League Ranking must enter by contacting the tournament office at the final stage venue no later than 14 days before the first day of competition at the final stage. Contact Malene Rossen at [email protected] for questions and registration.

Entry fee
Players qualified from the first stage do not have to pay an additional entry fee. For players that were exempt from the first stage the entry fee is € 300.

Withdrawals from the final stage must be done through the tournament office at the final stage venue.

Categories for 2017
Players in the final stage are competing for categories on the 2017 Nordic Golf League. At the conclusion of the Qualifying School Final Stage all players will be ranked according to score.

  • The leading 25 players (and those players tied on that score) will earn category 6 (or corresponding).
  • Players with position 26-50 (and those players tied on that score) will earn category 9 (or corresponding).
  • Players from position 51 will earn category 12 (or corresponding).

Ties within a category will be differentiated according to the mathematical method.

Prize Money
There is no prize money in Final Stage