Player Scoring

Mobile livescoring by the players



The Nordic Golf League committee has decided to use mobile livescoring as of the 2020 season. Please note that it’s required that all players register their score after each hole. It’s allowed for caddies to register the scores for the whole group. If you have questions about this please contact [email protected]

You will receive a link with login details the day before the tournament starts.

  • The scoring system entails that the players themselves are responsible for the “livescoring” by using their mobile phones. 
  • The system allows the players to post “live scores” after each hole instead of every third hole by volunteers.
  • This makes it possible for spectators to follow the tournament hole by hole.
  • A tip for the players is to share the task of typing in the scores. With three players it’s easy to divide the task typing six holes each.
  • If there is a caddie in the group it’s ok for him or her to type in all scores. 
  • To use the system you are going to need internet and a charged phone.
  • You will get a link and login details prior to each round.

Summary from the Nordic Golf League Terms & Regulations 2020

Live scoring in all Nordic Golf League tournaments must be done hole-by-hole after the whole group has finished each hole by any of the players in the group unless the committee decides otherwise. The players in the group can organize someone else, (f.i. a caddie or a spectator), to register hole scores as long as all players in the group have their score registered after each hole

If a player fails to comply with this, he will incur a fine of €100.