Categories 2017

This category system applies for all main season events. NB: Exceptions will apply to FREJA Final 4 tournaments.

The main season 2017 (January 1st to October 31st) is divided in two sections

  • Section A = January 1. to June 30.
  • Section B = July 2 to October 31.
  • NB: The tournament entry deadline determines the Period and Section

Please note that the date for when Section B starts may be adjusted when the final tournament schedule for Nordic Golf League 2017 is announced.

Category notes:

  • Note (1): Nations who intend to use their spot must notify the hosting tour/nation before the entry deadline
  • Note (2): A player who intends to use this category must notify the hosting tour/nation entry department no later than 18:00 (CET), the day after the most previous tournament has finished.
  • Note (3): If the field is smaller the national quote will be reduced proportionally.

The players are ranked and picked according to the new Nordic Golf League Category System 2017 as shown below:


Nordic Golf League Ranking

a) Nordic Golf League Ranking 2016 positions 1-35
b) Players with positions 1-5 from Nordic Golf League Ranking 2012-2015
c) Nordic Golf League Ranking 2017 positions 1-35 from June 26th (Section B only)
m) Medical Exemption (Section A only)

001A-001 Mark Flindt Haastrup DEN
001A-002 Oliver Lindell FIN
001A-003 Oscar Lengdén SWE
001A-004 Alexander Wennstam SWE
001A-005 Rasmus Hjelm Nielsen DEN
001A-006 Niklas Lindström SWE
001A-007 Christian Aronsen NOR
001A-008 Ola Johansson SWE
001A-009 Mikael Lindberg SWE
001A-010 Tobias Rosendahl SWE
001A-011 Erik Myllymäki FIN
001A-012 Niclas Johansson SWE
001A-013 Björn Hellgren SWE
001A-014 Linus Väisänen FIN
001A-015 Mathias Gladbjerg DEN
001A-016 Daniel Løkke DEN
001A-017 Benjamin Henry Poke DEN
001A-018 Nicolai Tinning DEN
001A-019 Jesper Lerchedahl DEN
001A-020 Jarand Ekeland Arnøy NOR
001A-021 Niclas Hellberg FIN
001A-022 Patrick Winther DEN
001A-023 Per Längfors SWE
001A-024 Gustav Adell SWE
001A-025 Victor Theandersson SWE
001A-026 Aksel Kristoffer Olsen NOR
001A-027 Mikael Salminen FIN
001A-028 Kasper K. Estrup DEN
001A-029 Oliver Suhr DEN
001A-030 Henric Sturehed SWE
001A-031 Åke Nilsson SWE
001A-032 Elias Bertheussen NOR
001A-033 David Palm SWE
001A-034 Sebastian Hansson SWE
001A-035 Oliver Gillberg SWE
001B-001 Lucas Bjerregaard DEN
001B-002 Johan Carlsson SWE
001B-003 Jens Fahrbring SWE
001B-004 Pontus Leijon SWE
001B-005 Jacob Glennemo SWE
001B-006 Jesper Kennegård SWE
001B-007 Niclas Johansson SWE
001B-008 Jeff Winther DEN
001B-009 Patrik Sjöland SWE
001B-010 Joakim Rask SWE
001B-011 Jacob Glennemo SWE
001B-012 Jesper Billing SWE
001B-013 Steven Jeppesen SWE
001B-014 Elias Bertheussen NOR
001B-015 David Palm SWE
001B-016 Tapio Pulkkanen FIN
001B-017 Eirik Tage Johansen NOR
001B-018 Eric Blom SWE
001B-019 Kristian K. Johannessen NOR
001B-020 Simon Forsström SWE

Tournament winners

a) Winners of Nordic Golf League tournaments in 2016 and 2017
b) The winner of the same Nordic Golf League tournament in 2015

002A-1601 Björn Hellgren SWE
002A-1602 Niclas Hellberg FIN
002A-1603 Benjamin Henry Poke DEN
002A-1604 Rasmus Hjelm Nielsen DEN
002A-1605 Oliver Suhr DEN
002A-1606 Oliver Lindell FIN
002A-1607 Erik Myllymäki FIN
002A-1608 Per Längfors SWE
002A-1609 Mikael Lindberg SWE
002A-1610 Rasmus Hjelm Nielsen DEN
002A-1611 Ola Johansson SWE
002A-1612 Oliver Lindell FIN
002A-1613 Jarand Ekeland Arnøy NOR
002A-1614 Mark Flindt Haastrup DEN
002A-1615 Ola Johansson SWE
002A-1616 Daniel Løkke DEN
002A-1617 Mark F. Haastrup DEN
002A-1618 Oscar Bergman SWE
002A-1619 Jesper Lerchedahl DEN
002A-1620 Mathias Gladbjerg DEN
002A-1621 Mark Flindt Haastrup DEN
002A-1622 Kasper K. Estrup DEN
002A-1623 Niklas Lindström SWE
002A-1624 Alexander Wennstam SWE
002A-1625 Mark Flindt Haastrup DEN

European Tour / Challenge Tour players

a) Players with European Tour category 1-11 in 2016 or 2017
b) Players with Challenge Tour category 5-17 in 2016 or 2017

003A-ET16 Thomas Bjørn DEN
003A-ET16 Kristoffer Broberg SWE
003A-ET16 Mikko Ilonen FIN
003A-ET16 Roope Kakko FIN
003A-ET16 Rikard Karlberg SWE
003A-ET16 Robert Karlsson SWE
003A-ET16 Søren Kjeldsen DEN
003A-ET16 Alex Noren SWE
003A-ET16 Thorbjørn Olesen DEN
003A-ET16 Henrik Stenson SWE
003A-ET17 Henrik Stenson SWE
003A-ET17 Robert Karlsson SWE
003A-ET17 Alex Noren SWE
003A-ET17 Thorbjørn Olesen DEN
003A-ET17 Kristoffer Broberg SWE
003A-ET17 Rikard Karlberg SWE
003A-ET17 Søren Kjeldsen DEN
003A-ET17 Lucas Bjerregaard DEN
003A-ET17 Lasse Jensen DEN
003A-ET17 Mikko Ilonen FIN
003A-ET17 Mikko Korhonen FIN
003A-ET17 Joakim Lagergren SWE
003A-ET17 David Lingmerth SWE
003A-ET17 Johan Carlsson SWE
003A-ET17 Peter Hanson SWE
003A-ET17 Magnus Carlsson SWE
003A-ET17 Pelle Edberg SWE
003B-CT16 Antti Ahokas FIN
003B-CT16 Gabriel Axell SWE
003B-CT16 Teemu Bakker FIN
003B-CT16 Jesper Billing SWE
003B-CT16 Alexander Björk SWE
003B-CT16 Eric Blom SWE
003B-CT16 Christofer Blomstrand SWE
003B-CT16 Wallace Booth SCO
003B-CT16 Jens Dantorp SWE
003B-CT16 Johan Edfors SWE
003B-CT16 Krister Eriksson SWE
003B-CT16 Christopher Feldborg-Nielsen SWE
003B-CT16 Simon Forsstrom SWE
003B-CT16 Jacob Glennemo SWE
003B-CT16 Christian Gloet DEN
003B-CT16 Birgir Hafthorsson ISL
003B-CT16 Soren Hansen DEN
003B-CT16 Andreas Hartø DEN
003B-CT16 Peter Hedblom SWE
003B-CT16 Oskar Henningsson SWE
003B-CT16 Jeppe Huldahl DEN
003B-CT16 Lasse Jensen DEN
003B-CT16 Steven Jeppesen SWE
003B-CT16 Kristian K. Johannessen NOR
003B-CT16 Eirik Tage Johansen NOR
003B-CT16 Michael Jonzon SWE
003B-CT16 Anton Karlsson SWE
003B-CT16 Marcus Kinhult SWE
003B-CT16 Espen Kofstad NOR
003B-CT16 Niklas Lemke SWE
003B-CT16 Mikael Lundberg SWE
003B-CT16 Jaakko Makitalo FIN
003B-CT16 David Palm SWE
003B-CT16 Björn Pettersson SWE
003B-CT16 Tapio Pulkkanen FIN
003B-CT16 Jocke Rask SWE
003B-CT16 Kalle Samooja FIN
003B-CT16 Joel Sjöholm SWE
003B-CT16 Oscar Stark SWE
003B-CT16 Mads Søgaard DEN
003B-CT16 Pontus Widegren SWE
003B-CT17 Jens Fahrbring SWE
003B-CT17 Anton Karlsson SWE
003B-CT17 Jeff Winther DEN
003B-CT17 Pontus Widegren SWE
003B-CT17 Richard S. Johnson SWE
003B-CT17 Niclas Johansson SWE
003B-CT17 Jens Dantorp SWE
003B-CT17 Oscar Stark SWE
003B-CT17 Roope Kakko FIN
003B-CT17 Michael Jonzon SWE
003B-CT17 Oscar Lengden SWE
003B-CT17 Mikael Lundberg SWE
003B-CT17 Marcus Kinhult SWE
003B-CT17 Martin Ovesen DEN
003B-CT17 Kalle Samooja FIN
003B-CT17 Joachim B. Hansen DEN
003B-CT17 Björn Åkesson SWE
003B-CT17 Morten Ørum Madsen DEN
003B-CT17 Mark Flindt Haastrup DEN
003B-CT17 Oliver Lindell FIN
003B-CT17 Rasmus Hjelm DEN
003B-CT17 Niklas Lindstrom SWE
003B-CT17 Alexander Wennstam SWE
003B-CT17 Christofer Blomstrand SWE
003B-CT17 Steven Jeppesen SWE
003B-CT17 Bjorn Hellgren SWE
003B-CT17 Krister Eriksson SWE
003B-CT17 Jaakko Makitalo FIN
003B-CT17 Eirik Tage Johansen NOR
003B-CT17 Kristian Krogh Johannessen NOR
003B-CT17 Joel Sjöholm SWE
003B-CT17 Mads Søgaard DEN
003B-CT17 Jacob Glennemo SWE
003B-CT17 Martin Simonsen DEN
003B-CT17 Tapio Pulkkanen FIN
003B-CT17 Philip Eriksson SWE
003B-CT17 Oskar Henningsson SWE
003B-CT17 Björn Pettersson SWE
003B-CT17 Mads Vibe-Hastrup DEN
003B-CT17 Benjamin Poke DEN
003B-CT17 Antti Ahokas FIN

Wild cards & top-10 previous tournament

a) One (1) player each nominated by the participating nations in NGL1
b) 1 player, not otherwise exempt, who finished top-10 in the most previous tournament on NGL (2)


Nordic Golf League Ranking

a) Nordic Golf League Ranking 2016 positions 36-50
b) Nordic Golf League Ranking 2017 positions 36-50 from June 26th (Section B only)
m) Medical Exemption (Section A only)

005A-001 Andreas Andersson SWE
005A-002 Niklas Nørgaard Møller DEN
005A-003 Fredrik Gustavsson SWE
005A-004 Ludwig Nordeklint SWE
005A-005 Gustaf Kocken SWE
005A-006 Oscar Bergman SWE
005A-007 Torbjørn Johansen NOR
005A-008 Philip Ulveman Juel-Berg DEN
005A-009 Martin Amtkjær DEN
005A-010 Nicolai Kristensen DEN
005A-011 Martin Leth Simonsen DEN
005A-012 Erik Oja SWE
005A-013 Victor Almström SWE
005A-014 Fredric Sundberg SWE
005A-015 Christian Bæch Christensen DEN

Nordic Golf League Qualification

a) Positions 1-25 from the Final Stage Qualification 2016

006-001 Knud Storgaard  Jensen DEN
006-002 Frederik  Andersen DEN
006-003 Adam  Andersson SWE
006-004 Hampus  Bergman SWE
006-005 Keen  Bernberg DEN
006-006 Andri  Bjornsson ICE
006-007 Marcus  Helligkilde DEN
006-008 Martin  Granstad SWE
006-009 Tuomas  Salminen FINN
006-010 Jakob  Hansson SWE
006-011 Axel  Boasson ICE
006-012 Simon  Willer DEN
006-013 Jacob Pingel  Lauridsen DEN
006-014 Oskar  Bergqvist SWE
006-015 Jeppe Kristian  Andersen DEN
006-016 Alex  Wrigley GBR
006-017 Sander  Aadusaar EST
006-018 Hampus  Nilsson SWE
006-019 Lukas  Crisp SWE
006-020 Anders Strand  Ellingsberg NOR
006-021 Robert  Jonasson SWE
006-022 Andreas  Søndergaard DEN
006-023 Oliver SneDENer  Jespersen DEN
006-024 Jan-Philip  Neuendorf GER
006-025 Sander  Stavnar NOR

National players / Hosting Tour

a) 30 spots to the hosting tour/nation in a tournament of 156 players (3)


Nordic Golf League Ranking

a) Nordic Golf League Ranking 2016 positions 51-70 (Section A only)
b) Nordic Golf League Ranking 2017 positions 51-70 from June 26th (Section B only)
m) Medical Exemption (Section A only)

008A-001 Jesper Gunder Larsen DEN
008A-002 Nicolaj Norman Hansen DEN
008A-003 Patrick Rasmussen DEN
008A-004 Christopher Sahlström SWE
008A-005 Richard Pettersson SWE
008A-006 Anton Bergström SWE
008A-007 Andreas Grönkvist SWE
008A-008 Pontus Ellerström SWE
008A-009 Mark Larsson SWE
008A-010 Anton Wejshag SWE
008A-011 Sondre Erevik Ronold NOR
008A-012 Nikolai Høgh DEN
008A-013 Oliver Hauen-Limkilde Nyholm DEN
008A-014 Jesper Olsson SWE
008A-015 Jonas Haglund FIN
008A-016 Daniel Jennevret SWE
008A-017 Patrick O’Neill DEN
008A-018 Björn Pettersson SWE
008A-019 Miro Veijalainen FIN
008A-020 Christian Larsson SWE

Nordic Golf League Qualification

a) Positions 26 to made cut from Final Stage Qualification 2016 (Section A only)

009-001 Marcus  Lindström SWE
009-002 Marcus  IWCTC Garfield Hansen  DEN
009-003 Anton  Wilbertsson SWE
009-004 Jesper  Karlsson SWE
009-005 Oscar  Karlsson SWE
009-006 Jonas  Carlson SWE
009-007 Kevin Andre  Wright NOR
009-008 Simo  Haavisto FINN
009-009 Hampus  Larsson SWE
009-010 Gustav  Salander SWE
009-011 Oliver  Jacobsson SWE
009-012 SWEbastian  Brzezinski SWE
009-013 Markus  Braadlie NOR
009-014 Philip  Jensen SWE
009-015 Nils  Björling SWE
009-016 Mikko  Lehtovuori FINN
009-017 Mikkel  Hjorth DEN
009-018 Jesper Gunder  Larsen DEN
009-019 Mark  Suursalu EST
009-020 Jesper  Hagborg Asp SWE
009-021 Philip  Mattsson SWE
009-022 Oscar  Wenner SWE
009-023 Robin  Askstrand SWE
009-024 Victor H. Sidal  Svendsen DEN
009-025 Victor  Tärnström SWE
009-026 Haraldur  Magnus ICE
009-027 Kasper  Sørensen DEN
009-028 Andreas  Johansson SWE
009-029 Mattias  Olsson SWE
009-030 Martin  Ulseth NOR
009-031 Nick  Hedberg SWE
009-032 Charlie  Lindh SWE
009-033 Peter Launer  Bæk DEN
009-034 Fabian  Henriksson SWE
009-035 Aleksi  Myllymäki FINN
009-036 Mike  Solgaard DEN
009-037 Miki  Kuronen FINN
009-038 Axel  Westin SWE
009-039 Simon  Gundorph DEN
009-040 Jesper  Thorsøe DEN
009-041 Rasmus  Holmberg SWE
009-042 Markus  Säyrä SWE
009-043 Ville  Nykänen FINN
009-044 Martin  Berggren SWE
009-045 Johan  Hellberg SWE
009-046 Jesper  Sandborg SWE

Nordic Golf League Ranking

a) 10 players, not otherwise exempt, within top-50 (in ranking order) on current
Nordic Golf League Ranking upon close of 


World Amateur Golf Ranking

a) A maximum of 5 spots are allocated for Nordic amateurs (DK, NO, FI, SE), not otherwise exempt,
within top-500 (in ranking order) on the World Amateur Golf Ranking on
April 5th (Section A) and June 21st (Section B)


Nordic Golf League Qualification

a) Players missing the cut at the Final Stage Qualification (Section A only)
b) Medical

012A-001 Mathias  Zetterlund SWE
012A-002 Emil  Liljeroth SWE
012A-003 Mathias  Ballard DEN
012A-004 Jakob  Kollerup DEN
012A-005 Lauri  Ruuska FINN
012A-006 Sebastian C.  Hansson SWE
012A-007 Tobias  Larsen DEN
012A-008 Björn  Guðjónsson IS
012A-009 Gustav  Åkesson SWE
012A-010 Jesper  Johansson SWE
012A-011 Fredrik  Duarte SWE
012A-012 Christoffer  Skårbring SWE
012A-013 Jesper  Jurell SWE
012A-014 Tim  Olander SWE
012A-015 Oscar  Spolander SWE
012A-016 Sindre  Rambjør NOR
012A-017 Sebastian  Petersen SWE
012A-018 Jonas Lykke  Petersen DEN
012A-019 Antti e  Salminen FINN
012A-020 Martin  Möller SWE
012A-021 Adam  Guedra SWE

Nordic Golf League Ranking 2017

a) Players, not otherwise exempt, from current ranking upon close of entry


National Spots (Below list applies to ECCO Tour ONLY)

a) All remaining players, not otherwise exempt, in accordance to the hosting
nation/tour regulations

014ET-001 Oliver Snedker  Jespersen DEN
014ET-002 Rasmus  Højgaard DEN
014ET-003 Peter Launer  Bæk DEN
014ET-004 Andri  Bjornsson ICE
014ET-005 Keen  Bernberg DEN
014ET-006 Jonas Lykke  Petersen DEN
014ET-007 Haraldur  Magnus ICE
014ET-008 Knud Storgaard  Jensen DEN
014ET-009 Andreas  Søndergaard DEN
014ET-010 Marcus  IWCTC Garfield Hansen  DEN
014ET-011 Mike  Solgaard DEN
014ET-012 Lauri  Ruuska FIN
014ET-013 Jan-Philip  Neuendorf GER
014ET-014 Frederik  Andersen DEN
014ET-015 Mathias  Ballard DEN
014ET-016 Björn  Guðjónsson ICE
014ET-017 Simon  Willer DEN
014ET-018 Tobias  Larsen DEN
014ET-019 Mark  Suursalu EST
014ET-020 Jesper  Thorsøe DEN
014ET-021 Marcus  Helligkilde DEN
014ET-022 Victor H. Sidal  Svendsen DEN
014ET-023 Frederik  Hedmark DEN
014ET-024 Nicolai  Højgaard DEN
014ET-025 Oliver  Percy-Smith DEN
014ET-026 Rasmus  Neergaard-Petersen DEN
014ET-027 Emil  Krarup Koefoed DEN
014ET-028 Simon Børre  Clausen DEN
014ET-029 Nicolai Kjær  Kokholm DEN
014ET-030 Jonas  Sandgren SWE
014ET-031 Nikolaj Puggaard  Rachlitz DEN
014ET-032 Gudmundur  Kristjansson ICE
014ET-033 Mathias  Lorentzen DEN
014ET-034 Nicolai Emil  Oxenbøll DEN
014ET-035 Thomas  Løkke DEN
014ET-036 Nicolai Nøhr  Madsen DEN
014ET-037 Marco  Solgaard DEN
014ET-038 Mads  Vibe-Hastrup DEN
014ET-039 Søren Broholt  Lind DEN
014ET-040 Patrick  Dam Schou DEN
014ET-041 Mathias Laage  Hansen DEN
014ET-042 Fredrik Skår  Spørck NOR
014ET-043 Nicolai  Kristiansen DEN
014ET-044 Simon  Malmberg SWE
014ET-045 Tobias  Poke DEN
014ET-046 Sebastian  Søndergaard DEN
014ET-047 Ilya  Yakimov DEN
014ET-048 Tumi  Kúld ICE
014ET-049 Jesper  Andersson SWE
014ET-050 Rasmus  Fredensborg DEN
014ET-051 Christian  Breyen-Mikkelsen DEN
014ET-052 Adrian  Verroca SWE
014ET-053 Lasse  Strunge Larsen DEN
014ET-054 Theodór Emil  Karlsson ICE
014ET-055 Troels Wolff  Hansen DEN
014ET-056 Klaus  Bilde DEN
014ET-057 Rolf Christian  Hermanrud NO
014ET-058 Nicolai  Rossau DEN
014ET-059 Daniel Hollen  Nielsen DEN
014ET-060 Filip  Olsson SWE
014ET-061 Søren Schulze  Pettersson DEN
014ET-062 David  Samuelsen DEN
014ET-063 Allan  Werner DEN
014ET-064 Alexander  Kristensen DEN
014ET-065 Martin  Lindhjem NOR
014ET-066 Anders  Hornshøj DEN
014ET-067 Mads  Andersen DEN
014ET-068 Nicolaj B.  Andersen DEN
014ET-069 Hrafn  Gudlaugsson ICE
014ET-070 Marcus Carlson  Pedersen DEN
014ET-071 Anders  Bojsen DEN
014ET-072 Rune  Rasmussen DEN
014ET-073 Nicholas  Blomqvist SWE
014ET-074 Frederik Severin  Tøttenborg DEN
014ET-075 Jacob  Magnusson DEN
014ET-076 Kevin  Bozzi ITA
014ET-077 Joachim  Szöts DEN
014ET-078 Sturla  Höskuldsson ICE

Please note that the date for when Section B starts may be adjusted when the final tournament schedule for Nordic Golf League 2017 is announced.


  • 1) Nations who intend to use their spot must notify the hosting tour/nation before the entry deadline. The players name can be announced after the entry deadline.

  • 2) A player who intends to use this category must notify the hosting tour/nation entry department no later than 18:00 (CET), the day after the most previous tournament has finished.

  • 3) If the field is smaller the national quote will be reduced proportionally.