ECCO Tour offers Putting Specialist at PGA Catalunya Winter Series – Still open spots

We are happy to announce that one of the best putting specialists, Donal Scott, will be present at the PGA Catalunya Resort Winter Series from 14 – 16 February offering all Winter Series players 4 types of Workshops or Training Sessions during the three days.

Each workshop will last around 90 minutes, and has room for a maximum of 8 players.

We highly recommend that you take advantage of this unique opportunity. 

You can sign up for 1 workshop each day, for the prize of 20 € per workshop. Booking and payment is required at the ECCO Tour Tournament Office at PGA Catalunya Resort from 10 February. Read more about Donal Scott and his workshops below. 

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About Donal Scott
Donal Scott is a PGA Professional and High Performance coach based in Dublin, Ireland. He is widely regarded as one of Europe’s foremost putting coaches having specialised and developed his education in this area over the last 10 years. Donal works with Professionals on the European tour, Challenge tour, LPGA and LET. 

Donal has worked with and currently works with a number of Teams including:

  • The Irish men’s and women’s National Panels
  • The Danish National Team (Men’s, Women’s and Professional teams)
  • The Turkish National Team
  • Team Ireland Professionals
  • MU Paddy Harrington Scholarship

Donal works with some players currently competing on the ECCO Tour and is excited to offer some great opportunities to share ideas at the event in PGA Catalunya Resort.


The 4 Workshops from 14 – 16 February

Start Direction
Based on his research on SAM Puttlab Donal will share ideas and concepts on what the foundations for consistent and accurate start direction is. Players will have an opportunity to test themselves and learn the skills based exercises Donal uses on a daily basis with the players he coaches. 

The ability to control your speed on then greens is crucial. The key concepts for controlling are often misunderstood. In this session Donal will share a number of exercises, which will help players train their speed across every range of putt as well as enable them to adapt to the variety of green speeds they will face over the coming season. 

Green Reading/Mental Mapping
Using his extensive research as a level 3 AimPoint Instructor. Donal will share players the latest information we have on accurate putt prediction. It’s now possible to predict not just the amount of break but what the curve and entry point is for every putt. Donal will share exercises and drills players can use to improve their ability to accurately visualise each and every putt they play. 

Performance training
In training it’s crucial to know how good your good is. How would it measure up against the best players in the world? In this session Donal will share the performance games he uses with the players he coaches so they can benchmark their performances and set new goals for their training and on course performance. 

Sign up
You can sign up for the Workshops (20 euro per workshop) from 10 February at our Tournament Office at PGA Catalunya Resort. Please note that Donal Scott is only available for Winter Series participants.

There are still open spots at the PGA Catalunya Winter Series, so sign up now, and get the perfect start to the season.