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We wish to remind you that there will be a modified Pace of Play rule in effect at the GolfStar Winter Series and PGA Catalunya Spring Series (Ecco Tour).

Model Local Rule 8K-1 is modified as follows:
If a group does not finish a minimum of one (1) of the three last holes of the round;

  • within the maximum allowed time decided by the committee, or
    • within the starting interval of the group in front

all players in the group are deemed to have breached the local rule.

Penalty for breach of the local rule: €20 per player per round

A group is deemed to have finished a hole or the round when the group has registered all scores in the group for that hole in the livescoring system.

The reason behind this decision:
Previous seasons there has been plenty of complains about the Pace of play. We have for many years tried different systems but like many other tours we have not found a working solution. We believe that we need a system that requires all groups to be within the time schedule, no matter if a referee is nearby or not. In 2019 R&A and USGA presented a Model Local Rule regarding Pace of Play (K-1). The local rule below is connected to this one but with more possibilities to be on time and has no effect on the results (no penalty strokes).

If you have any questions, please contact the tournament office