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Tour Rules 2022

Nordic Golf League Rules & Regulations 2022

Nordic Golf League Hard Card 2022

ECCO Tour Rules 2022

  • The tour is run and promoted by GolfPromote ApS, Store Torv 9,2 8000 Aarhus C


  • As of 2020 there is NO membership required to play in the ECCO Tour or Nordic Golf League

Made in HimmerLand 2022 – How to Qualify:

  • Top 2 professionals (Top ranked Danish Player + top 1 players not otherwise exempt) on the Race to Himmerland Ranking as before the last ECCO Tour tournament before Made in HimmerLand 2022, will receive an invite for Made in HimmerLand 2022
    • The ranking qualification runs through the 2022 season until the last ECCO Tour event before the Made in HimmerLand
    • A player MUST be Professionals to qualify – amateurs can not qualify for an invite
    • A player MUST have competed in at least 6 Race to HimmerLand (ECCO Tour) events during the 2022 seasons to qualify through the ranking

Below is a summary of the most notable changes to the Nordic Golf League Terms and Regulations

Amateur can now receive prize money

Since 1 January 2022 the new amateur rules stated by R&A and USGA are in effect.
One of the changes in the new rules is that an amateur can accept prize money within certain limits without losing his amateur status.  

The regulations for an amateur regarding prize money on the Nordic Golf League 2022 is as follows:

  • An amateur can earn up to 750 EUR or likewise in the local currency
  • If an amateur finish in a position that is equal to a higher amount than 750 EUR, he will receive 750 EUR. The remaining prize money will be transferred to the NGL Bonus Pool
  • An amateur can also decline prize money and should, if so, inform the tournament committee before a tournament start. In case he makes the cut all prize money equal to his position will be transferred to the NGL Bonus Pool

Cut changes

  • The cut in all stroke play tournaments with 78 players or more is 45 players + ties.
  • The cut in all stroke play tournaments with less than 78 players is 30 players + ties.
  • If a tournament is granted to be played with less than 64 players, no cut is recommended


  • To be included in the final Golfbox Road to Europe and to be eligible to enter the Final Series (last three events), a player must have participated in a minimum of seven (7) Nordic Golf League tournaments in at least three (3) countries before the entry deadline to Race To Himmerland.
  • A player who does not fulfil this term will not be eligible to participate in the final tournaments and will be removed from the Golfbox Road to Europe. 

3 Challenge Tour events will be included in Golfbox Road to Europe

The Danish and the two Swedish European Challenge Tour events, will be included on the Nordic Golf League calendar and to be counting towards Golfbox Road to Europe. 

  • To include a European Challenge Tour event the following terms must be fulfilled:The tournament must be played in one of the four Nordic countries; Denmark, Finland, Norway or Sweden
  • The tournament promoter must allocate invitations for minimum top five players on the Golfbox Road to Europe after the completion of the last counting NGL event, before close of entries
  • If a player within top five on the Golfbox Road to Europe decides not to take the invitation – the spot goes back to the promoter, not further down the Road to Europe ranking

 The following rules applies for a Challenge Tour event included on Golfbox Road to Europe:

  • Only 60% of the money won by a player in a Challenge Tour event can be counted towards the Road to Europe
  • Only players that have played a minimum of one (1) Main Season tournament can have their prize money transferred to Golfbox Road to Europe
  • Note: Players must still fulfil to 7/3 rule to be included in the cleaned Golfbox Road to Europe.

NGL bonus pool breakdown

  • The bonus pool is build by prize money NOT paid out to amateurs during the 2022 season.
  • If an amateur finish in a position that is equal to a higher amount than 750 EUR, he will receive 750 EUR. The remaining prize money will be transferred to the NGL Bonus Pool

The bonus pool is distributed according to following breakdown.

Up to     100.000 SEK   150.000 SEK   200.000 SEK   +250.000 SEK 
1 50% 36% 30% 28%
2 30% 22% 20% 18%
3 15% 12% 13% 12%
4 5% 9% 10% 9%
5                  7% 8% 7,5%
6   5,5% 6% 5,5%
7   5% 4% 5,0%
8   3,5% 3,5% 4,0%
9     3% 3,5%
10     2,5% 3,0%
11       2,5%
12       2%

To see the full version of the 2022 Terms and Regulations please refer to the link below