PLAYER INFO: ECCO Tour Postpones the next 4 events

Dear players,

Together with ECCO and after consulting the implicated clubs and sponsors, we have decided to postpone the next four events of the ECCO Tour 2020 season.

The four events are:

  • Bravo Tours Open by Enjoy Resorts & Sydbank, Rømø (22.-24. April)
  • Jyske Bank Made in Denmark Qualifier, Silkeborg (6.-8. May)
  • The 12 Twelve Players Charity, Kokkedal (4.-5. June)
  • Samsø Pro-Am Classic by Samsø Festival, Samsø (8.-10. June)

Together with sponsors and clubs we will as soon as possible discuss new dates,

What happens now?
The ECCO Tour Office is closed and will open no sooner than 1 April. And there is risk of that date being extended. We kindly ask you to not contact us with individual and personal questions about “what we think..”, and “what will happen if…”, category questions, we are already getting too many mails for us to handle. As soon as we know anything we will let you know through mail etc., but for now we ask you to stay safe and await further information.

Please keep your self updated on our website and via our Social Media.

We hope to return with good news very soon.

Take care of your self and your families

Kind regards
Flemming Astrup